Ray Klimek
Analog Panorama 1Analog Grid 1Carbon Analog 1Analog Panorama 2Analog Panorama 3
Carbon Analog 2
(Footprints)Analog Panorama 4Carbon Analog 3Carbon Analog 4
(Craters)Analog Grid 2 Lunar Triptych 1Lunar Triptych 2Lunar Triptych 3Analog Panorama 5Analog Panorama 6Carbon Analog 5Carbon Analog 6Carbon Analog Triptych
Carbon Analog
Carbon Analog borrows the conventions of NASA photography, including extreme close-ups, photo-mosaics and jagged panoramas, to depict mundane mining sites as analog landscapes, terrestrial areas used by governmental agencies, universities, and independent organizations to evoke an extraterrestrial terrain. By echoing these conventions I examine the value of degraded and denigrated landscapes, reconceiving them as sites of curiosity and exploration.